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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Water Damage -- Turning a Negative into a Positive

De-humidifier drying out the studio

Last Friday, I discovered that the heating/AC unit had leaked on to the hardwood floors and into my work area, damaging the rug and the canvas panels I had propped up against the wall and creating an awful vomit-like smell upon entering.

Luckily, the water didn't ruin any work that I had completed.  Nonetheless, I felt emotional about losing all of the potential work the panels represented.  And I was complaining about the disruption. And the smell.  It was a mess and I was, too. 

Reality check:  My damage is a thimble-full compared to what the people in Superstorm Sandy experienced a year ago.  Helped me put things in perspective. 

Also, my landlord is also being very responsive and sympathetic, which I greatly appreciate.

I was able to salvage about half my blank panels --- and they are the bigger ones.  I have been wanting to paint bigger --- so this is going to force me to do it! 

I have been procrastinating about ordering storage to get my things up off the floor, and now I will. 

Ditto for creating the inventory records and photos of my work that I should have been keeping all along. 

Plus I had to clear out that side of the studio, which has really forced me to start anew, with a fresh, clean workspace. 

So, there will be many positives in the end --- even though it is a lot of work and is keeping me from painting this week. 

I am trying to make lemonade from lemons --- my dad always used to say something like that.


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