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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Golden Day" Oil Painting

"Golden Day"
16 x 20 Oil on Panel
Donated to the Fund for Women

I am donating this recent painting to the Fund for Women for their fundraiser on May 21.  I enjoyed painting the clouds and experimenting with the bright yellow underpainting to achieve the feeling of a sunny summer day.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Apple on Windowsill" Oil Painting

"Apple on Windowsill"
8x10 Oil on Panel

Haven't posted in a while because we have been consumed with home improvement projects for the last 12 weeks.  Haven't had much time to paint. 

Needed something I could do in a limited amount of time, so I pulled out this painting to finish.  I thought it would be fun to look at it in its various stages. 

I painted it from a black and white film photo I took when we were in Portree, on the Isle of Skye, in Scotland in 2003.  It was Fall and the bed and breakfast where we were staying gave us apples upon arrival.

I remember getting my camera out because I was excited by the patch of light being created on the windowsill.  The light was beautiful there, especially in the late afternoon. 

Monochromatic underpainting

Fast forward to 2011 and I am looking for something I want to paint.   Could I capture the feeling of the apple basking in the sun in the patch of light using the black and white photo and memory?  In retrospect, it isn't a great composition.  But I am the kind of person who want to finish what I start, so I kept trying. 

Adding color
I couldn't remember what kind of apple it was, so I bought a few apples and tried creating a Granny Smith.  The painting became too cool.

Then I tried creating a McIntosh with a stem.  And warming it up.  It became discordant.  So, put it away for months.  I painted it blue again, but forgot to take a photo of it. 

Here's what I did last month and popped it into a frame after working on it. Getting closer to what I remember it looking like, including the glow on the windowsill. 

And here's how it looks finished and signed, after warming the curtains and the shelf, and putting a highlight on the stem.  The photo makes it look a little yellower than it looks in person (iPad photos seem to make colors more saturated), but it still represents the piece. 

Now I just need to come up with a title.