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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tom Buechner's list of "Why I Paint"

From Tom Buechner's book, How I Paint, he says in the chapter Why I Paint, he made this list of what painting means to him:

  • being alone with myself
  • being part of an enormous family of painters, living and dead
  • being amazed by reality
  • seeing how strong or weak I can be
  • seeing the evidence of passing time
  • just seeing
  • facing infinite possibilities
  • mastering a medium or failing to do so
  • showing and telling
  • bringing pleasure, making money
  • thinking
  • transcending myself(very rarely)
  • plus I get to travel, paint with friends, visit museums and buy art books as legitimate business expenses!
Still wish he was around so we could go up to his studio to paint with him as Lin and I were doing on Wednesdays.


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