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Friday, March 22, 2013

New Work: Going Bigger & More Colorful

In Progress -- Drying in the Studio Window
24 x 32 Oil on Panel

I've started some new paintings.  This is the first -- which is drying in the window of the studio.  It's bolder. It may be hard to tell at this point, but it is a floral arrangement on a table in front of a window in our kitchen. 

This is the gold frame for it.  And how it looked before I worked on it yesterday.  
And it's larger -- 24 x 32  --- when compared to my usual work.   It was one of my goals for this year --- to paint bigger.

I chose the subject because I was interested in the shadow under the flowers and using the square tabletop to create space.  Now I am kind of hooked on making the vibrant colors work.  It it starts to fall apart I can always use it as underpainting.  That's the beauty of oils. 


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