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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tour of My New Studio at 11 West Market Street

"360" View of Interior of My New Studio and Gallery
at 11 West Market Street in Corning New York
(Click on Photo to see full, larger view)

Took some photos today to show you what my new studio looks like.  I used an app on my iPhone to take some panoramic views so you can get a feel for the space.

"360" View from outside 11 West Market Street
(Click on Photo to see full, larger view)

This is what it looks like from the outside.  The movie theater is to the west, and Centerway Square to the east.  There is a door in the center, and my photography gallery is on the left, and my painting studio is on the right.

And here's a short video of a family visiting my space.  It's 18 seconds long.  (fyi - it might not work on an iPad so better to view on a computer.)

Ernie G. of the Gaffer District designed my front window on the left side of the entry, the "gallery" side.  Believe it or not, it is done with foam core.  I am using the electronic picture frame that Steve and Colleen gave us to show a slideshow of all of my photography.  It's on the pedestal to the left.

I recently picked up my work from the Arnot Art Museum, including this banner which had hung outside the museum, so I put it up in my studio.  And rehung all of the photography on the "gallery" side of the space.

And I recently added my name to the back wall (to match the front window.)  JHDesigns in Elmira made the vinyl letters from my signature.

There is a small back room which I have included as gallery space.  It flows surprisingly well.

There are quite a few columns which gives me additional space to show work.  I have mixed in a few iPaintings along with my photography and oil paintings.

This is a photo I took earlier in the summer.  I am using my late mother's harvest table with new aluminum chairs in the center of the room to meet with guests.  And her kitchen table with stools for my painting table.  And our old kitchen rug to protect the nice wood floors in the space.

Here is my easel.  I recently started a painting of a billowing cloud.  It isn't done, but I put it in a frame to see what it might look like when it is finished.  Then, I will take the painting out of the frame and work on it some more.  This was just the results of the first day and an hour or so of painting.

I put the frames and paintings in progress on the wall.  And stack up other frames and panels on the floor.  I am going to get a storage credenza eventually.

Here are my brushes, paints and tools.  I bought a new ceramic jug during Glassfest the weekend I opened (Memorial Day).  I need it for doing my eye make-up paintings.  The ceramist was a very interesting woman.  Her blue vessel has a story written in drawings around the outside of it.
"360" View of "Studio" Side from Outside
(Click on photo for a full, larger view)

From the outside, this is what it looks like on the "studio" side, to the right of the entry.  People stand here and watch me paint.  It doesn't bother me.  Little kids are the most enthusiastic viewers.  I also have a few paintings on display. There is a sign that says my paintings are for sale across the street at West End Gallery.  And today I added signs for where to eat in Corning.  I get asked that question a lot.  So, I made a map and a list.  You can see it on my food blog.  Here's the link:  www.FeastEveryday.blogspot.com

I have also put my BHB books on display and set up an iPod so there is music for guests (and for me as I paint) but  I need a better way to display my books and business cards.  I have my eye on a concrete console which would look very cool, I think.

There were some very strange vibes in my space.  People (including me) avoided some spots. And frames fell off the wall there. Turns out my space used to be an antique store and there was some negative energy in it.  My friend, Jo, came and cleared it for me, and guests immediately started going to those spots.  Now there are only happy vibes at 11 West Market Street.

I hope you will stop in to see me when I am there and let me know what you think.  Photos never quite convey how it looks in person.

This summer I am there usually on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.  In the fall I plan to be there painting on a regular basis.