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Friday, March 2, 2012

Exhibition in Progress: Delivery

Arnot's West Gallery Where My Exhibit Will Be Hung

All 36 pieces for The Observer are now in the hands of the Arnot Art Museum.  It was crunch time until the very end, but I got it done, and I am very happy with the work, and the many layers of learning that have come along with creating this collection.

The far wall, across the entrance, which you see when you enter the room is where the big graphics (title, my name, etc.) will go

The space for the exhibit is great.  It isn't too small, nor is it too big.  You will be able to walk in and "take in" the images as a group, then look at them individually.  There is a bench in the center.

 The door to the left is a cool alcove that has natural light coming in from outside and a view to the downstairs gallery.

This is the view coming back into the gallery from the alcove.

Rick, the Executive Director, and I talked about using the alcove as a reflection space, where a more in-depth artist's statement will hang, which you can read --or not-- and then go back again and revisit the images before you leave.

Delivering the photographs to the space -- we inventoried everything and lined them up along the walls

The walls are a warm neutral, and have some texture which makes black and white images which really pop. And I like the contrast in textures of the linen walls and more graphic photographs.  And the floors are wood and beautiful. 

More images lined up to be hung

I am looking forward to seeing what Rick has in mind for how to present the work within the space.  We agreed that the titles are needed to support the storytelling aspect of my work, but other than that, I am open to his design for hanging the work.  I feel that each image will work well on its own, or in any order, so  I am intrigued to see what he will do with them. 

The work will be hung between now and March 9, when the show officially opens.  The opening reception will be the following Friday, March 16, from 5 to 7:30.


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