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Thursday, December 8, 2011

iPaintings: Turning Red

I worked on this iPainting in August at the lake.  And I am glad I saved it along the way.   I think I like the second one better than the other two.

Purple and Yellow

Turning Red


It has been a good exercise to look back on my work in the gallery of ArtRage.  

This one was done last August at the lake, without actual fruit, just ones I made up.

I  "saved"  along the way.   Now I think I like the second version better than the other two.

I am keeping some of the work, because I like elements of them, not the finished result. 

In this case, I like how I used the roller tool to add patches of color to the fruit.  (This review has also made me appreciate the roller tool!)

Overall, this painting is lacking in weight.  The values of the color are too close together.  If I did it over again, I would darken the shadows, and connect the fruits' shadows to the shadows under them, among other things. 


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