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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkin on Pillow Painting - Week 3

Pumpkin on Pillow Painting - In Progress
Week 3

I will be going to Marc Rubin's class tonight for the 4th Tuesday (and the last time) for the pumpkin painting.  So, I thought I'd assess where I am after three classes.

I am satisfied with the look and feel of the pillow. And my colors. But I continue to struggle with how to render the pumpkin.  I pretty much feel like I am at the same place as I was at Week 2.  I spent most of last week's session on it and ended up in the same place as I started. 

Week 1 - painting with lots of turp, directly on the masonite

Week 2 - oils only (no turp or liquin) -
we painted the background, corrected our initial drawings and started to develop the pumpkin and pillow

Week 3 - Trying to render the pumpkin and make the pillow look soft. 
Marc paints much thinner and more carefully than I do.  He takes his time and enjoys the process of studying every bit of the still life. Looking, looking, looking.  Tonight I am going to try to zone in on exactly what I see, like he does, and hope if I can make a breakthrough.


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  1. Barbara your pillow looks extraordinarily real! Just my opinion but I think your stem should be a little longer proportionally.