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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin on Pillow -- Almost Finished

Almost Finished - Week 5
approx. 12 x 13 Oil on Masonite
Pumpkin on Pillow

Today I liquined the pumpkin painting to see what I painted last Tuesday night in Marc Rubin's class.   Liquin (or varnish) brings back the color and vibrancy.  Oils go flat and change value when they dry.

Marc added a 5th week to give us a chance to critique our work and then fine tune it one last time.  The critique of each other's work was one of the most valuable aspects of the class so far.  It was fascinating (and inspiring) to see how everyone chose such different approaches to the same subject, and to get advice from each other. 

In my case, I decided to add a shelf for the pillow to sit on instead of leaving that part of the painting so vague.  Also, I  cleaned up the background where I got orange mixed into the gray, and really worked on the highlight (where the brightest light hits the surface of the pumpkin).

I am pretty happy with where I ended up.  They only things I want to change now are 1) the stem, which I can do from my week 4 photo.  (I messed it up trying to put a highlight on it --  lost my place, but  I think I can get it back) and 2) straighten the shelf.   Then, I will feel I learned as much as I can from this painting.

Week 4

Week 3
Week 2

Week 1
Marc's class will be starting a new still life next Tuesday. It will be pears, a much smaller size (10 x 8), and last only 2 weeks.   I won't be able to join them.  But, I encourage anyone who wants to see Marc's technique to try out the class. You could learn a lot in just 2 weeks. 171 Cedar Arts now allows you to buy drop-in passes for classes. 


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