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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fill Your Paintings with Light and Color Book

Kevin D. MacPherson's book Fill Your Paintings with Light and Color

This book was an impulse purchase.  And a book that I can recommend.  It's a condensed version of Mitch Albala's type of book.  Lot of examples and easy to read.  It's out of date camera-wise, i.e., pre-digital.  Nonetheless, it is a good book to have in the library, if only to be familiar with Kevin's work and teaching style.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Opening Last Night at West End Gallery

One of the paintings from the new Poole exhibit

Martin Poole's show opened last night at West End Gallery and it is quite amazing, both technically and emotionally.   You can check it out online here if you can't get in to see it.  Marty's work is inspiring.

One of my paintings at West End 

I am pleased that Lin selected some of my work for the upstairs gallery.  One even sold!   Very exciting!


Friday, June 10, 2011

What is Art? John Barron's definition

Written in 1967, John N. Barron's Language of Painting Dictionary is one of my recent finds in the used bookstores.  It is geared to the painter, and reads more like a book than a dictionary.  He says,

"Art is not an imitation of reality, but evidence of its discovery."  And, "In a sense, art is actually a by-product or record of the artist's activity in a state of awareness of, and receptivity to, those interrelationships between the world around him and his own inner world."

"[A painter] tries to express his emotional reaction to life, not describe it."