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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Museum Note Taker" Painting - In Progress

"Museum Note Taker" -in Progress
8 x 6 Oil Alkyd on Canvasboard

This little painting is driving me crazy.  I hope after I take a break from it this weekend,  (Happy Easter! Happy Spring!) that next Monday I will be able to get in there and fix the drawing problems.  I still struggle with basic perspective issues like the artwork on the wall.  And, this is the first time I have painted full figures which is challenging for me.  The figures I have painted before are elements of landscapes where it is easier to suggest them.  Here I must get them just right so they look like are standing in the space.

I am painting it from a photo I took at the Tate in London when we were there in March.  I was first following the younger woman in the back (with my camera, not stalking her!) because she had on an interesting hat and garb, then luckily the notetaker came into the scene. 

I think it will be interesting if I can put my experience with street photography together with painting.  If it is a good photo of people will it also be a good painting?  Not sure.  It might depend on how well I can execute it.:)


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