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Friday, January 7, 2011

Oil Painting of Lake at Dusk

Lake at Dusk
8 x 10 Oil Alkyd on Masonite

For the Blue Moon Ball fundraiser this year, I am donating the Lake at Dusk painting from my series of paintings from the lake.  It was one of the last ones I did before we packed up in September and came home.

It is mostly blues and purples with some pinks for the evening sky at dusk.  In the upper left hand corner, our neighbor's sailboat is anchored offshore, and the lights of the cottages are coming on the background.  The rest of the lake is in the distance.  Looking South. 

It was painted in one session so it is loosely done, and more about mood than precision.  I scratched the mast of the sailboat in with the wooden end of my paintbrush.

It was challenging to get the effect of dark water and the colors at dusk. This was my first painting of a night subject.  I am interested in nocturnes and see myself doing more of them in the future.

The Blue Moon Ball is a fantastic, annual fundraiser for the Corning Children's Center.  It is held at the Corning Museum of Glass, next weekend.

It is a top-notch children's center and I am happy to support them.  Over the years, I first donated jewelry for Two Sisters Studio with Pip's Boutique, then for the last couple of years I have donated a framed black and white photograph along with one of my books, and this year I am donating a painting.

The Children's Center has been one of my most enthusiastic supporters of my creative efforts, and it is most appreciated.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful piece, Barb, and a very worthy recipient. Congratulations.