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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Transition Time

 9 x 12 Oil on Masonite

Time and time again,  I learn that if you let go of something, then something new and more fulfilling will arrive in its place.  As with most transitions, when you get to the other side, they are actually freeing.

I have finally decided to let go of my jewelry business so that I have the time to do other things I love, like painting and food blogging.  This coming weekend I am having a big blowout sale of all of my beads, displays, tools, signage, etc. 

I have dismantled my jewelry workshop and taken everything downtown to a temporary location in Connor's empty space at the corner of Cedar and Market Street (where Tru Office Supply was). 

My doors will be open to anyone who wants to buy.  It coincides with the Apartment Tour to support the Arts on this coming Sunday.  Be sure to email me, or call, if you want to arrange to make an appointment to buy.  Or just stop by!

In the meantime, I am going to post the paintings I am in the process of completing. 

This is one I think I am almost done with.  I started it during the summer and recently added color to the pitcher and the yellow flower.  I've put it in a frame and have been looking at it for a week or so now.  I see a few things to touch up, but it just needs a good name.  Suggestions are welcome.

Unlike other paintings, I did an underpainting for this one.  I did the underpainting fairly quickly, in one session, on the Lin's porch.  Marty Poole had showed me how to do an underpainting in a very loose way during the workshop I took with him back in June, so I wanted to try out the technique.  I used a new color:  Van Dyke brown.  You apply the paint with a brush on a white surface, starting with straight color for the darks, adding solvent to lighten the paint for a range of tones, and then wiping away the lightest, highlighted areas with a rag.  It was helpful to solve most of the drawing issues during the underpainting stage.  It may have actually reduced my stress!  I am usually teetering on the edge of being out of control because I go right into painting with full color.


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