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Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Now Back To Work

8x10 Flowers on the Fence Study
I have been doing Spring cleaning for the last couple of weeks.   I have written about learning the importance of giving yourself time to clean-up before (Allowing Time for Clean-Up).  So, I have been restocking my art supplies, cleaning up my workspace and taking the time to evaluate what I have in-progress.

I made a game plan for what I want to complete for the summer, for photography and painting. 

As far as painting goes, I have realized that I am content with working on painting landscapes this summer.  Never thought I'd say that.  But I am actually quite motivated to figure out what kind of landscapes appeal to me.  I am very early on in the learning curve, so I consider most of what I have done to date practice. 

Anyway, I didn't stop working completely.  I completed a few studies.  Flowers on the Fence (above) and Cows under the Trees (below).

 8x10 Cows under Tree Study

I put them in the grid at the lake and will refine them once I get a chance.

The Grid
Seven of the 15 openings now have studies in them. 

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