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Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Project in the Works for the Summer

This project was started over a year ago, maybe two, and now I feel like working on it over the summer. 

It's a mixed media project.  I started with small canvas boards that I toned; then, I cut up defunct international currency from our trips around the world and origami paper; and, applied them, varying each time.  In the center. I created a round "window" of gold, cotton rag paper.  On top of that. I was going to add another round canvas, on which I would paint, in oils, miniature scene of worlds that I would make up, like a desert road going into infinity.   I placed the canvas under glass over a richly colored background, matted it in white mat with a 4 x6 opening in black frame.  These are frames and mats I already have on hand.

The original idea was to create a peep hole kind of feeling.  Something you could view from faraway and find it interesting and then have to come up close to see what is going on through the center circle.

One of the things that stopped me working on it was the title I had given it.  The working title was Portals.  Now I know that a portal is a very common computer term.  So, I need a new title.  Suggestions are welcome.  :)  I want something that is about being transported to another place, something almost surreal, something time traveler-ish.  fyi - The currency element is for travel in another life, another plane, forward or backward.  Something Being John Malkovich-ish.

A second thing that stopped me were the decoupage comments I got when I first showed them, unframed.  I do not want this project to be perceived as a craft project.

The third blocker, at the time, was my lack of confidence in painting something so small.  It is no longer an issue, now that I have resumed painting, and have a year of painting fairly regularly again behind me.  I am actually looking forward to painting them now. 

But I am concerned about how to make the painting look integrated with rest of the materials, so I need to make an experiment, soon.  If a painting doesn't work, then perhaps a photograph will.   Or a photo collage.

I have 10 currency canvases available to paint.  I am working on my list of ideas for the little worlds, and I hope to start drawing them soon, and get them done before I go to see Anne JP, my art buddy, later this summer, then come back and finish the actual paintings.

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