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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunflowers Study

Sunflowers Study -- 8x10 Oil Alkyd on Masonite

Yesterday I played around with adding lots of color to this sunflowers study, so that I can add it to the grid in the guest room at the cottage where I put the tulips study.   The photograph flattens the range of yellows ---I still need to figure out a better way to photography my paintings-in-progress, hrrumph.  The painting looks a little out of control, but one of my goals was to use lots of paint, instead of being skimpy like I usually am.  Just to see what happens.

I had started a couple of summers ago, outside on the deck at the lake.  Too bright outside, too confusing a subject.

I stopped when it looked like this.   The flower in the top right hand corner had some character, but that was the painting's only strength.

A few weeks ago, I edited the background --removed the distracting stalks and leaves --- and tried to think like a sunflower, but I didn't have a reference to work from.
 Then I ran across this photo I had taken of these flowers in different conditions, but used it anyway.  This summer I might paint a new painting, including the pitcher, once sunflowers are in season again. 

So, here is where I ended up.  Okay, not great, but it was fun to practice.  I can always go back an fix the shadow side of the flower in the front.  But for now, I am going to put it in the grid when we go up to the lake this week.

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