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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Photo from A Year Ago and Moving Forward

Today I spent some time cleaning out my files, both paper and on the computer. It is part of my need to get rid of mental clutter as well as closure.


I found this photo that I had saved as a draft for my blog. I considered posting it as what I thought fear might look like. It's one of the stairwells from the DeWitt building that I was photographing last year when I went to Ithaca for my allergy treatments. I messed around with Lightroom's brush feature, which was new at the time, to create the preceived fear energy. I was thinking it might be interesting to try to create a series of images solely based on expressing emotions. Then, it seemed a little wacky, a little too dramatic, or cinematic, so I abandoned the idea.

Anyway, looking back on the DeWitt building series, I am so glad I did them. I particularly like B&W images of looking up and down the same staircase, "Stairs" and  "Looking Up."  And, I also like the color image,  "Leaning Towards the Light."

I am missing having a photography project in the works.  So, I think I am ready to pick up my camera again.

I actually think I am nearing the end of "the list", i.e, the projects that have been emotionally keeping me from moving forward. I just have the "durn" oil cans painting to finish. "Durn" is a word that my mother-in-law uses when she is particularly frustrated with something. So, it has become the "durn" oil cans painting for me. I can't tell you how many times I have re-worked that thing. But, now that the frame has arrived, I am going to give it one more effort, a last hurrah, and then frame it and post it.

I am ready to move forward.

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