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Friday, March 19, 2010

Portrait Practice --Curly Haired Model

After completing the portrait, Lost in Thought, I wanted to practice painting a face some more, so I got out this old sketch. It something I did in a Marty Poole class, probably in 2002 or maybe earlier. We used two colors, ultramarine blue and burnst sienna, a warm and a cool. As usual, I left the face unpainted. Nonetheless, I remember enjoying drawing her. I think we had a time limit of 45 minutes, and I remember thinking that capturing her body language was fun.

My sketch from Marty's class
Here's the reference Marty handed out:

The 4 x 6 reference
Since working on her, on an off, for the last month or so, this is where I am at. I haven't been able to capture her likeness or the angle of her gaze no matter how many times I have tried. Which is too many times to admit. So, today I am giving myself permission to call it quits on her for now, and move on to something new. After it dries, I will glaze the dark side of her face on more time. I can see that it is still too yellow and light. Sorry about the photo -- it has lots of reflections. But I really want to be done with her and move on.
Curly Haired Model, 6 x 7.5, Oil on Canvas on Masonite

Also, I need to practice on a larger canvas. This is too small for my stage of experience. And, I really want to paint my own subject, instead of Marty's. I think I will do a better job if he or she is a subject I am more motivated to paint and/or someone I know.

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