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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Landscape Practice --- Chemung River View with Bridge

Latest revisions  - 11 x 14 Chemung River View

Note:  I am having a heck of time getting good images of my paintings in progress.  Even though I try to take photos in natural light, I keep getting glare and the colors are off.  Nonetheless, I think it is good for me to record my work along the way.  Eventually I want to create a good set up for photographing paintings.

What it looked like when I started revising it

Here's another old landscape that I have been reworking.  It was started in a Marty Poole "Sky" two- day workshop back in 2002.  He passed out the same photograph to everyone to use as a reference.  It is a classic Marty view.  Low horizon.  If you know his work, he can take a photo reference and make it something very special.  My attempt fell woefully short.  It was high contrast ---too much like the photograph-- the earth is basically a silohuette and my sky is very warm and it doesn't have much visual interest or magic. Incorrectly, I thought that adding texture to the sky would make it more interesting.

So, a few weeks ago, I sanded off the sky. I was left with a warm, yellow underpainting. 

I painted the sky cooler to make it recede.  Relative to each other, warmer colors come forward, cooler colors recede.  This was good practice.  It is clear that the sky fell back.  But it also became too boring for my taste.  So, I eventually put back in the yellow sunset and  worked to create a cone of end of day sun falling on the valley. And added more warmth to the valley where the sky might be shining through the tips of the trees, and across the hills, and up under the clouds. 

I connected the hills to the sky by painting them in purples instead of greens. I repainted the foreground with a range of greens to create land with a few trees, and defined the river water with reflections.

The last thing I have done is to remove the big cloud from the top of the painting  It wasn't helping.

Here's what the reference looks like: 

4 x 6 photo reference

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