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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Update

Gathered reactions to my Blurb book of Cottage Quiet this week and decided to reprint the first version with some improvements and also design a larger version.

I retitled all of the images so they will be more evocative than descriptive, e.g., "Escape" versus "Row Boat View."   Titles are hard to think up, but I was able to get them done (with Tom's help and my college Thesaraus) and update the existing smaller version of the book.  It is supposed to be shipped by April 6.

Then, I started working on a larger version. This is not as easy as I thought it would be.  You can't just push a button and resize it.  Had to start over from scratch.  It is going to Landscape 8 x 10.  And I am going use traditional grayscale black and white images versus the warm brown of the first version. 

As a result, I have to take each image into Photoshop and redo it.  I have mixed feelings about shifting my images to a cooler black and white look, but I got quite a bit of feedback that the brown versions sort of looked like a printing mistake.  Which is kind of true.  Instead of a warm brown black, then look heavily sepia.  In the preview above, they look good, but in the printed version they look too brown.

So, I also started researching how to make get Blurb to print my images better.  The first thing I learned is that Blurb prints in CMYK and not RGB, so I have to adapt everything to that color space.  This requires more adjustments in Photoshop. 

When I work on this kind of project, I realize that my computer set-up is not good for photoediting.  I really need to invest in a good monitor which I can calibrate properly, and start to profile properly, too. 

At any rate, even with the limitation of my monitor, I hope to get the larger, black & white version of the book completed over the next few days. 

Also, the Red Cross fundraiser took place on Friday, and it was fun to get reactions to my print and book.  It was well received and I felt good about giving Cottage Quiet some exposure. 

I like the theme enough to consider doing another series based on the same mood.

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  1. Barb, I find an iMac just about perfect and calibration is a dream - so easy. Sign me up for a copy of the book! Cant wait to see the final version.