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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Turtle Cloud

Turtle Cloud
18 x 24 Oil and Alkyd on Masonite
This painting has been reworked numerous times, but this is the version I have finally framed.  Tom helped me cut it down to a 18 x 24 size from a bigger, taller rectangle.  I have never resorted to cutting a painting down before, but it was its only hope. 

Here are some of the iterations.  I didn't remember to photograph all of the versions.

Initially-----which was a couple of years ago----my goal was to learn to paint an architectural element in a landscape.  I had never painted a building, like a barn.    

I think I thought a big voluminous sky with a little white barn was a good idea. My reference was of a barn I saw in Batavia along the backroads between here and Buffalo. 

The beginning

With the barn --- Dustin helped me, can't you tell

I messed around with it last year -- changed the barn and sky but didn't know what to do with the foreground ---

In January, I got it out again.  Added fields in the distance.  Simplified the sky.  Went a little too crazy with color -- but it was fun

And ended up here.   Not great, but okay. 

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  1. I like where this ended up Barb, I always spend a lot of time looking at images with lots of sky in them...Thanks