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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Landscape Practice - Keuka Lake and Vineyards

Keuka Lake and Vineyards, 8 x 10

The vineyards in this painting are driving me crazy.

This is a plein air painting from several summers ago that was unfinished and fraught with problems.   I have been using it to practice some of the techniques in the Mitch Albala's landscape book.  I want to improve my landscape skills by next summer before I paint outside again. 

So far I have corrected the drawing problems in the distance--the hills were too big, etc.  -- and repainted it with cooler, lighter values so that it would recede better.  I have also created the band of trees and fields in the middle which aren't there in reality.  

I have painted the vineyards in foregrounds so they look closer --- they are now bigger, sharper, and warmer than they used to be.   I want them to lead you into the frame, and start the zig zag pattern into the distance.

The vineyards in the middle distance have been a challenge for me.  I want them to sit flatter than than they are in my reference.  And I haven't really painted vineyards before so I am learning what the visual cues are that will make them read as vineyards.  I want to paint enough, but not too much. 

I am going to set it aside for now, and come back to it when I think I can fix the middle distance vineyards.

My reference has the hills going down to the lake, but I didn't paint them that way, so I am having to imagine how the vineyards would exist in my landscape. That's probably why they are driving me crazy.  But I still like the flatter design of my painting better, so I am holding on to it, and will have faith that I can eventually fix it in a way that I am satisfied.

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