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Thursday, February 4, 2010

"House" Cleaning and Fresh Start

After a long absence from blogging, I thought I'd reflect on what has happened since I stopped.  And see what I can learn if I look back at my work during this period.

I have been obsessively forcing myself to complete -- or abandon--- all the the things that I had half -started or promised to others.  I feel like I am renewing myself by doing this housecleaning and giving myself a fresh new start. 

I am doing this so I don't have big boulders in my path that are either blocking my way or forcing me to climb up or around.  Of course, these boulders are parts of myself, but that's another analogy.

So part of what I am going to blog about are the pieces I chose to finish as well as those that were put aside, and why.

Another part of what I want to write about is the pure joy of creating and being in the company of others who share the same interest in creating something.

As my mother failed last year, and eventually died in October, I connected with my mother in ways that I never expected and now have begun to cherish.  It just goes to show that you cannot predict what will happen and it has given me great hope, that if I am open to being different, to sharing all of myself with others, then there will be new, rewarding discoveries.

The first one I am going to blog about is called Imaginary Prey.  It has been on my mind, so I thought I'd get it out of my system first.

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