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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Family

This is the first painting I made during Buechner's workshop last August.  It was before we were told to select our objects to create relationships.

It was my first time using Multimedia ArtBoard.  I am more of a masonite girl.  It was also a white surface, and I usually start from a brown toned surface.  And it was my first time using fast drying alkyds instead of slow drying oils. First time in a Buechner workshop. Lots of firsts.

I chose my objects because I could set up a vertical triangle ---which I find pleasing ---and they were a mixture of textures -- the softness of the chick against the hardness of the ceramics.  I wanted to paint the fluffiness of the chick.  I chose the vases because they felt familar to me, one was curvy, the other cylindrical. Dishes are in my blood I think, given how much of my business life has been about them.  Also, I have painted vases before so I wasn't going completely outside my comfort zone. I was really sweating at this stage of the workshop. It was Day One, and everyone else had been to this workshop in the past or was way more experienced than I.   They seemed to zone in quickly on what they wanted to do. Some seem to have arrived at the workshop prepared with a preconceived idea for their still life. I was reacting to so many things on the spot, and I remember being sort of panicked to make my choices. Hurry, hurry -- pick something--- now! ---just get going.
Later, my painting became The Family --- the mother/female curvy vase, the father/male phallic vase, and the baby chick ---after Buechner explained his still life approach.

Things I learned while I made this painting:
  • It is better to correct early-on and get the drawing right, than to hope you can fix it along the way.
  • I wish I hadn't placed the grouping so far to the left in the space. But I have a tendency to do this.
  • Multimedia Artboard is fragile and absorbs paint like crazy, which made me crazy, but it allows you to work faster.  Not sure I love it.
  • I enjoyed painting the reflections on the brown "father" vase.  I am interested in how light falls in the space, so spending time learning how to create this type of reflection was interesting to me.
  • I remembered how to paint!  I hadn't painted seriously in such a long time that I thought I had forgotten.  Once I got past my nervousness, I started to enjoy myself.

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