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Friday, August 28, 2009

Cottage Quiet Series

Yesterday's post of the gate was the last of my Cottage Quiet series ---It's about my nearest faraway place, and I hope you enjoyed it. That's where I am physically right now --- at the lake -- but I hope the images took you there, too. That's part of why I made them. So I could get an infusion of that feeling of calm and quiet, and the special light, whenever I needed it.

Now I am noodling what to do with the 40 or so images going forward.

So far I have done two things with them --

A journal --- which was very satisfying to make --- I printed 4x6 images and placed them on a creamy-colored card in a black art journal --- and then added a title -- informally in my own handwriting. I did this as I made the images and then edited it over the past winter.

The second thing I have done is to post them on this blog this summer--- I lined them up in the blog queue -- and scheduled them to go out one per day ---

This was also a satisfying experience --- I got to see each one anew as they arrived in my in box. With fresh eyes, it easier to be more objective. There are some I like more than when I first made them, and others that I wonder, what was I seeing? Nonetheless, it may me feel good to see them all together. And it gave me satisfaction to complete something. (Not to mention the break it gave me from writing posts ---yes, I had blogger fatigue.)

One reader suggested I make a book of them. But, after making my book about artists in their studios on my own, I hesistate to go down that path. It is so much work, that I doubt I would do again, unless I had a publisher who wanted to do the production and marketing.

I have thought of making a CD of them instead of a book --- a screen saver-type slide show --- I have been enjoying them myself this way and wonder if others would ---

And I have thought about printing a few of the more popular images and framing them to see they work in a larger format, then ask if a gallery or two around the lakes might be interested.

But picking an image that best represents the body of work is my first task. I have used the screen door one, but if you have favorite that you would suggest, I am interested in what you think.


  1. A book Barabara. Have you tried Blurb? Might not be as expensive. I for one would buy it!

  2. Interesting work. Visiting here.