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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Walker (Previously Purple Path)

Played around with this painting again today, trying to make it in to something. Not sure I improved it. Tried to soften it overall. I am struggling...

I expanded the scratching I did in the forest over the entire surface and

worked on refining the figures so they look like they are moving forward on the path and more natural.

Sometimes I like to review what I am doing in black and white to see if it a color issue or a value issue. Or a drawing issue or a composition issue.

Here's what it looked like before I began...


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  1. I really like this version of "The Walker". I find myself looking around at it more. The contrast and tone may not be literal but it is more intriguing. I find the tone of the path that is taking them to a tree line that is of similar value very cool. I like the tree line a lot. That is what I like so much about paintings in particular. You can look around at them and the more time you spend looking at a piece, the more things you see in it. They are forever different, looking at them from different vantage points and under different lighting.