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Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting serious

I am realizing why my painting doesn't happen. I am very busy with other things and let them become higher priority and excuses. Today, for example, I have written thank you's/donations for my "In Their Studios" show and book earlier this year. Important follow-through to do. Plus I have continued to push for a new venue for that project next year. Important to do. I noodled my current photo project, Cottage Quiet. Important to do. And I am making jewelry for the a holiday show this coming Saturday. Important to do for cash and because I made the commitment. This is in addition to all the family, household and health needs, including my renewed commitment to Body Boot Camp and yoga, after the indulgent Thanksgiving holidays. All important to do. Thank goodness, I finished the writing project last week or I'd be stressing about that, too. Where does painting fit in? My primed canvas sits untouched on the easel across the room.
I know that I just need to start painting, but I am letting all this busy-ness help me avoid my fears.

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