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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why am I writing this month?

I am the kind of person who keeps thinking about something for a long time, sometimes for years. And I am also the kind of person who thinks it is a good thing to confront your fears, no matter how icky they may turn out to be.

If I confront this thing that has gotten on my internal "to do" list and actually do something about it, instead of just thinking about it, I will find out if it is worth anything at all. Then, poof!!, it will be gone and there will be room for something new, something fresh and exciting to enter.

That's why I am taking the time this month to review and consolidate what I wrote during my writing phase, ten years ago. It was one of the paths I took when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do next, after leaving my corporate marketing job and before I created a jewelry business with my sister.

I haven't been able to throw away my writing circle stories or my haiku, so I know they mean something to me. Unlike my journals. I chucked all 15 years of them and I am glad I did. Too much ugliness in them. They served their purpose. I no longer need them. But this writing stuff? I don't know.

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