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Friday, November 21, 2008

Perspective Class Last Month

My lack of understanding of perspective has been a road block for me. Real or imagined. I never had it in school and find it difficult to grasp from books. So, I finally decided to do something about it and took a 4 week, 3 hour class on Wednesdays through the museum in Rochester.

I had to drive an hour and half drive up and back but it turned out to be therapeutic. Weekly, the fall foliage progressed through its phases. Bright reds and olive greens turned to rusty oranges and browns until the last week we had a dusting of snow on the hills.

Glad I am not making the drive now, but I'm very glad I took the class. Our instructor taught us the terms, how to measure effectively without using perspective, then the rules of one-point and two-point perspective so we can use them or break them. That's all we had time to do. I will take another class or workshop if I can find one again.

I am also including a couple of pages from my sketch book that I did this summer to refresh my drawing skills. I am going to continue practicing.

Drawing Practice on my own, August, 2008

Ran out of light before I finished -- August, 2008

Class exercise - One point perspective - October, 2008

In the field -- I thought the lake would have filled my page, but after measuring correctly, it was only half the page. This is how far off my landscape drawing has been. Scary! I just kept drawing what I saw in the foreground...as practice. Next time, I'll know.

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  1. This is a problem I have too--I am always making things way too big.