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Monday, June 2, 2008

Painting Again - Whew!

After a 6 month break, I am ready to paint again. I started out by gesso-ing a bunch of boards and doing other stuff (watching painting videos, etc.) which didn't actually involve painting, i.e., procrastinating, but today I actually put out my array of colors and picked up a brush. Hooray!

On this old painting of the tomato & corkscrew, I decided to add the highlights, deepen the shadows and brighten the orange-reds, then call it quits. Time to move on to something new.

The next project is a painting of a honey bear for my brother's 50th birthday, which was last June. My goal is to give it to him by the time he turns 51 on June 24.

My first attempt is very crude. The colors are not at all what I wanted. The bear turned greenish. And the foreground is yucky. I haven't painted something transparent before, so this is going to be a challenge. Not sure I like the design either. But I thought I'd post what I did and not worry about it being perfect. :)

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  1. excellent. I'm loving the bear. I'm curious about the label. Will it be articulated in the final piece, or is it going to be left as a solid shape/white space?