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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

West End Gallery Show & Book

My show is up and the book is finished!

If you can't see it in person, please visit the first gallery of their website http://www.westendgallery.net/ to see a few of the 118 images in the show.

The book can be ordered through the gallery. It's 96 pages with over 90 duotone images on silk text. (Only 300 were printed.)
Here is my artist's statement from the show:

The Artist as The Subject
The images created for this book are an exploration of what goes on inside the studio where art is being created.
It was my desire to make portraits of artists in their own environment, turning the tables, making them the subject.
I wanted to acknowledge the importance of the act of art making.
I chose a mix of artists….painters and sculptors, glass artists, a photographer, a ceramist, a videographer/writer…just a sampling of the depth f talent living nearby.
My intention was to keep the images impressionistic. They were made in one visit, without supplemental light or extra equipment, unposed and informal.
The conditions were unknown and unpredictable, making the visits even more exciting.
It was a privilege to be invited into their private spaces.

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