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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book Jacket Photo Shoot - Which One looks like a serious, yet quirky poet?

My writer and illustrator friend, Anne Jennings Paris, came to visit and wanted a portrait for her upcoming book of poetry. Here are our top 6 picks from the shoot.








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  2. F.

    A. was fine, but too professorial for quirky.
    B. I liked, but F was more poetical. B is my second choice.
    C. No. Just no.
    D. I like the lighting, but it didn't grab me.
    E. Not bad, I'd crop the fleece away. Third choice
    F. Now that's a poet. Or an unconscious Anne. :) First choice

  3. The votes are in with A & F receiving the most first choice picks and B coming in second. Barb, you and I will have to discuss this on our trip. Yipee!